Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Know How Michigan Marijuana Legalization Changes DUI/OWI Charges

With the passage of Proposition 1, Marijuana will be legal in the state of Michigan for people 21 years and older. That considerably changes the landscape of DUI and OWI laws for marijuana related offences.

The Three Reasons Why You NEED an Experienced DUI/OWI Attorney:

  1. They must be able to thoroughly and intelligently cross-examine the Drug Recognition Expert and raise doubt over the opinion of impairment or intoxication.
  2. They must have a reliable network of toxicology and recognition experts to rely on to rebut the state’s case. 
  3. They must be able to persuade jurors why a person should not be convicted of a DUI where other factors might have contributed to the alleged impairment.  

A lot is changing in DUI/OWI laws and you need an attorney experienced and qualified to handle your case. Click Here to learn more about Michigan’s new marijuana DUI laws.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Michigan Marijuana DUI/OWI Laws Are Changing

With the recent passage of Proposition 1 legalizing the possession and usage of marijuana for people 21 years and older, the laws governing DUI and OWI related to marijuana are changing.

It used to be that if any THC (the active drug in Marijuana) was found in your system, that was proof enough of intoxication and impairment – regardless of when the drug was actually consumed.

Now specially trained police officers known as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE’s) will evaluate your level of impairment on-site.

If you’re being charged with a marijuana-related offence, you need an attorney who knows DUI/OWI law for alcohol and marijuana offences frontwards and backwards. Click Here to learn more about Michigan’s changing marijuana DUI/OWI laws.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Need the Best DUI Attorney in Washtenaw County?

best dui attorney washtenaw county
If you’ve been charge with a DUI – you could be facing dramatic differences in sentencing and prosecution depending where you’re being charge. Before you hire just any DUI Attorney, make sure you have answers to these very important questions:
  • “How many DUI cases have you defended this year in Washtenaw County?”
  • "Do you have an office in Washtenaw County?
  • “When was the last pre-trial motion you won in a Washtenaw County DUI case?  Trial?”
  • “Have you published any books/articles on DUI? 
  • “Have you received any accolades or awards for DUI Defense in Washtenaw County?”

At Geherin Law Group PLLC we’re committed to providing you with the very best legal representation possible. Click Here to learn more about finding the best DUI attorney in Washtenaw County.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Arrested For DUI? Get the Best DUI Attorney in Washtenaw County

best dui attorney washtenaw countyA DUI charge can seriously disrupt your life. Depending on where you’re charged, you could get an entirely different sentence. Why is this?  Why do identical charges get treated differently in the same county?  Why are there so many different police agencies, prosecutors and judges within the same county?

To get these answers, make sure you contact the best DUI attorney in Washtenaw County.

Attorney Daniel T. Geherin is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who was born, raised, lives and practices in Washtenaw County. His firm, Geherin Law Group PLLC, is a criminal justice firm based in Ann Arbor that specializes in defense of DUI/OWI cases throughout all of Washtenaw County.

Click Here to learn more about important information regarding DUI charges in Washtenaw County.

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