Tuesday, November 20, 2018

When You Need the Best DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor – Look No Further.

best dui attorney ann arbor
At Geherin Law Group PLLC, we have spent the last 22 years successfully defending DUI and OWI cases. Lead by Daniel T. Geherin, over 50% of our client base consists of driving while intoxicated cases.

Your ability to have a driver’s license, your career, and your freedom are on the line. We’re the only thing standing between you and an aggressive prosecutor. Our proven track record shows that we don’t simply plea out cases – we fight for our client’s rights.

As a successful DUI attorney in Ann Arbor and serving surrounding communities, we’re well versed in the local laws and will put our years of experience to work for you. Following a DUI arrest, we’ll work to pinpoint the legal liabilities you are facing and formulate a plan that gives you personal options, personal results, and personal justice.

If you are facing a DUI charge, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (734) 263-2780. We’ll put our years of experience, education, and our dedication to work for you.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Why Is It Important to Have the Best DUI Attorney in Ann Arbor?

best dui attorney ann arborBecause everything from your reputation to your driver’s license to your freedom rests on getting the best possible legal representation when facing DUI prosecution. Everything is on the line and you deserve an attorney who will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

That’s why you should turn to Daniel T. Geherin of Geherin Law Group PLLC.

What Makes Geherin Law Group the best Ann Arbor DUI attorney?
  • A majority of our practice is devoted to defending DUI and OWI cases.
  • Our proven, successful track record litigating and winning DUI cases for over 22 years.
  • We attend seminars and trainings to stay current with changing DUI/OWI laws.  
  • We’re named among the best DUI lawyers in Ann Arbor by multiple publications including Detroit Business Magazine, the 2019 edition of The Best Lawyers In America  and we’re a Top-Rated DUI Attorney by AVVO.com.

If you’re facing a DUI prosecution, it’s important to have the right attorney advocating for your rights. At Geherin Law Group, we don’t simply resolve the case, we fight to win and protect your driving privileges, your career, and most importantly – your freedom.

If you have been recently arrested and charged, get the best DUI defense in Ann Arbor with Geherin Law Group PLLC. Give us a call any time 24/7 at (734) 263-2780 and put our years of experience in DUI defense to work for you.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Protect your rights - Find the best DUI attorney in Ann Arbor

With any DUI attorney, plea-bargaining should be the absolute last course of action – never the first.

  • It’s well known that law enforcement and persecutors do not respect DUI attorneys that simply plea-bargain each DUI case that comes their way. 
  • With a defense attorney that knows the law, who can argue persuasively and has a successful track record, judges are more likely to side in their favor. 
  • Effective, skilled legal representation isn’t cheap. It’s your money as well as your livelihood and freedom that’s on the line – make sure you’re getting the full value of your chosen legal advocate. 

At Geherin Law Group we have over 22 years of experience specializing in litigating DUI cases. Our track record speaks for itself as we have successfully resolved dozens of drunk driving cases. We can site numerous cases that prove we are the legal team you want advocating your rights in court in front of a judge or a jury. Your needs will always come first.

If you’re in need of professional DUI attorney in Ann Arbor, give us a call any time day or night at (734) 263-2780. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we fight to favorably resolve your case.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

The Best DUI is a Dismissed DUI

best dui attorney ann arborDon’t face the ramifications of a DUI conviction alone – make sure you hire an attorney who knows how the law works and has an experienced track record winning cases and not pleading them out. You’re going to want the best attorney you can find.

To find the best DUI attorney in Ann Arbor, you’ll want to ask the following questions before you let them take your case:

  • “When was the last DUI case you won on a pre-trial motion?” – be sure to ask about the judge on the case and on what grounds were they able to win.
  • “When was the last DUI case that you won a jury trial?” – the attorney should be able to provide dates, which court, as well as the name of the prosecutor involved. 
  • “Can you highlight specific (anonymous) DUI cases on your website that showcase your aptitude in litigating DUI cases?” 

 At the Geherin Law Group, we have over 22 years of experience providing specialized DUI and OWI defense to residents in the greater Ann Arbor area. From illegal stops and arrests to improper administration of tests to scientific challenges – Daniel T. Geherin has a proven track record litigating DUI cases.

We’ll leave no stone unturned as we fight to preserve your rights and freedom. Give us a call anytime 24/7 at (734) 263-2780 to discuss your case and outline an effective defense strategy.

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