Monday, January 14, 2019

Dan Geherin’s Experience in Juvenile Law

Dan Geherin, owner of the Geherin Law Group in Ann Arbor (“GLG Michigan”), is a former prosecutor and board-certified criminal trial attorney who has been practicing juvenile law for over two decades.   Since starting his career as a juvenile court prosecutor in 1996, he has been defending juveniles (and reassuring their parents) for 20+ years and has helped thousands of juvenile clients in that timeframe.  Unlike many criminal defense attorneys who refuse to handle juvenile cases (primarily because they don’t understand the nuance and procedural differences from adult court), Dan has truly separated himself as an attorney dedicated to helping juveniles navigate their way through a very scary and uncertain process.

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Juvenile Defense Common Questions

Often, parents who receive the terrible call often ask Dan Geherin these questions:

  • “Do I even need an attorney for my child?”  
  • “Are there any attorneys who actually specialize in juvenile delinquency defense”?
  • “Is there a way to avoid a public conviction for my child”?

Because the consequence for a juvenile are often so serious (and open to the public), finding a specialized attorney who handles juvenile defense is of paramount importance.  After all, parents take their children to pediatric doctors and dentists, and should consider no differently when it comes to their kids’ freedom, reputation, and academic career.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Consequences of a Drunk Driving Offense

In Ann Arbor, generally speaking, clients might expect to pay over one thousand dollars in base court fines/costs if convicted of a drunkdriving offense.  They might expect to lose their privileges to drive for a short period of time.  And, they might expect to face jail time for subsequent offenses, or in the event of the slightest violation of bond or probationary conditions.  These consequences are real, and they can be severe.  Having a specialized, aggressive and experienced drunk driving attorney in Ann Arbor can often help avoid or severely lessen these consequences.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Drunk Driving Attorney for the Holidays

If the holidays bring the wrong type of present—in the form of an arrest for a drunk driving—please contact GLG immediately.  Waiting until the case opens often results in the loss of important evidence and information, and in some instances, can result in an arrest warrant.  Our firm can talk you through options on how best to protect yourself and better your position once the case opens.  We can ask to preserve evidence so that we have it when we need it.  And, we can monitor the case progress to make sure you are not re-arrested and taken to jail once a case opens at the court.

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What types of diversion programs exist for criminal charges in Michigan?

Consent Calendar :  For juvenile offenders (currently under age 17), certain offenses qualify for a diversion in which the minor is neither ...