Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Why is trial experience so important for a criminal defense attorney?  Because the prosecution, police and judges all need to know that the attorney will fight aggressively for a client, or otherwise that attorney will never earn the respect he/she needs to successfully represent clients.  And, a proven track record of victories in the courtroom proves that the attorney knows the law, knows how to fight to help his/her clients, and can be the difference between a life-altering conviction and freedom.  Lastly, it is often trial-based attorneys who can secure the best plea deals for clients who desire them, as pre-trial litigation can often weaken the prosecutor’s case.

With all the noise and confusion out there, clients looking for the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor should ask these questions of a potential attorney:

“When was the last criminal trial you conducted, and what was the result?”
“How many jury trials have you completed in the last 5 years?”
“Are you a board-certified criminal trial attorney?”

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