Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Attorney Consultation Questions

lawyer free consultation ann arbor
For potential clients looking for help in a criminal justice case in and around Ann Arbor, ask these questions:

  • “Do you offer a free telephone or office consultation?”
  • “Will this consultation be pressure/obligation free?”
  • “Will you discuss fees and offer a plain, easy-to-understand Fee Agreement during the consultation?”
  • “Will you plainly discuss my case so that I understand my options?”

At GLG Michigan, we answer each of these questions with a resounding “yes!”  The last thing you need during a time of need is to feel intimidated or uncertain.  The idea of a consultation to make sure both sides feel comfortable moving forward, and at our firm, we believe a client should not have to pay for that.  We’re confident that you’ll make the best choice for representation after discussing the matter with us and understanding your options---whether it’s with us, or with another attorney. 

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